Chapel at Nicholaston House

The Nicholaston House Vision

The focus of Nicholaston House is to be a centre for healing and restoration channelled through various retreats and courses, and to facilitate Christian groups for conferences and away days. The primary focus, however, is as a centre for healing and restoration channelled through the various courses and retreats. In the words of a recent guest – it is a place of blessing, safety and sanctuary.

Nicholaston House "In this place I will give peace" Wall Hanging

In this place I will give peace.

– words which have blessed so many people as they step inside the porch at Nicholaston House.


Go through the door and look up to see the words emblazoned on the wall of the stairs - the words from Psalm 8 written to glorify God in His majesty.


The mural is the work of a small group of ladies, led by Viv Lewis, who have enjoyed creating this wall hanging following the God-given vision, to a visiting member of the prayer ministry team, of the House being a place of blessing.


As people stay and receive from God, blessing flows from the house and touches other people’s lives so that the effect of God’s love becomes immense, like an ocean. How great is the God we adore.